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with insurances, to attract patients Securing markets Develop long lasting cooperations from UAE and Middle East.


The obligation for UAE citizens and expatriates resident in the Emirates to have medical insurance makes this channel a potential, important source of patients.

Currently, Gulf insurers are reviewing providers to achieve cost reductions and this opens up the possibility of developing new agreements, moving patients from current markets (mainly Germany with Spain growing). The high price levels of treatments in the Emirates make the European offer competitive, provided that pricing and competitive service levels are developed with respect to both the domestic market and other European markets.

To intercept this opportunity, Acesis organizes a Gulf area insurance delegation to visit some Italian providers interested in concluding agreements to receive patients. This activity is part of a program to develop the UAE market which began with the meeting of a delegation of Italian Hospitals and UAE healthcare authorities.


To maximize the chances of success, the delegation visit is carefully prepared by Acesis by providing the participating hospitals with a detailed business case containing information on expected price and service levels, a forecast and follow-up activities and support for the conclusion of agreements .

  1. PERIOD: September / October. Total duration of visit: 3 days

  2. CALL FOR ENTRIES: in June, Acesis will collect requests from hospitals that wish to participate, which will be assessed on the basis of criteria such as international certifications (eg JCI, ISO, etc.), supply and demand situation on therapies, outcomes. Hospitals that meet the requirements of insurance companies will be selected.

  3. BUSINESS CASE: participating hospitals will receive a custom made research on the insurance market in the Emirates area including indications on therapies and pricing levels to define the optimal offer.

  4.  HOSPITAL PRE-VISIT: Acesis, together with its local partner in the UAE will carry out a pre-visit of the selected hospitals to verify their compliance with the standards required by the Insurance companies and indicate the recommendations to best address the delegation visit.

  5. VISIT: Acesis, together with its partner, will oversee the delegation visit and support participating hospitals in the bid.

  6. AGREEMENTS: Following the visit, Acesis and the partner will manage all follow-up activities to develop agreements with the hospitals that have aroused the interest of insurance. The objective is to sign M oUs for patient referral.


The delegation will include a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 premiere insurance companies that will visit 4 to 6 providers.

For hospitals, the participation fee varies from € 13,000 to € 15.000 per hospital * (depending on the number of providers and insurance companies) and includes:

  • selection, contact, organization of the delegation visit,
  • assistance before, during and after the visit to better prepare the hospital,
  • inspection of the provider facilities with our UAE partner to evaluate the status before the delegation visit,
  • consulting and operational support during the implementation phase of the agreement,
  • realization of the business case,
  • travel expenses and hospitality of the delegation on Milan *
  • Travel costs for the trip to Milan *
  • If the agreement is signed, Acesis will receive a success fee of 15% of the medical expenses of the first 50 patients received through the insurance.


* based on 6 hospitals, excluding transfers outside Milan. Fee subject to changes based on the program and the number of participants

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