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2019: Expanding Horizons Opening new markets. Developing opportunities. Reaching new patients. of Medical Tourism Charting the unknown to define the potential A Market Research DISCOVER THE RESEARCH in Healthcare Internationalization Meet the Challenge Learn to manage the value chain with our Executive Course REGISTER FOR THE COURSE to develop medical cooperations Bridging the Gap A permanent network of relations in the Gulf States and Middle East DISCOVER THE PROGRAMME with insurances, to attract patients Securing markets Develop long lasting cooperations from UAE and Middle East. DISCOVER THE PROGRAMME


Expanding Horizons is the inspiration for 2019 Internationalization program developed by Acesis and its partners. Activities will be focused on understanding markets and drivers of choice, business models, the potential of Medical Tourism. After the success of the first delegation of Italian Hospitals to meet the Health Authorities of the United Arab Emirates,  the new program is based on four main initiatives proposed to hospitals interested in expanding their business abroad. It covers incoming, collaborations with foreign institutions and through tailor made projects developed at the request of individual clients or hospital groups.



Define the potential of Medical Tourism within International Healthcare is the objective of a research promoted by Acesis in partnership with EY and Politecnico di Milano and with the collaboration of Medpoint Health Partners.


The introduction of mandatory health insurances in UAE and some other Gulf Cooperation Council countries has changed the scenario. Acesis, with its partners in GCC is organizing a delegation of Middle East insurances to develop agreements.


Healthcare Internationalization and Medical Tourism: managing the Value Chain  is the topic of an executive course for top healthcare managers to understand challenges, opportunities and business models of globalization in this sector.


Developing medium-long term cooperations is crucial to success. Acesis, with its international partners, has developed a permanent program to create medical, scientific, business synergies between foreign and local hospitals in GCC.


Acesis also consults individual hospitals, groups or institutions to develop specific initiatives aimed at generating inbound flows of patients through marketing, communication or commercial agreements with doctors, hospitals or institutions.

Acesis also supports the expansion of hospitals abroad through the implementation of medical, scientific, commercial, knowledge transfer, business development or joint venture agreements.

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